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I just got my hands on some paper clay, so hopefully, soon you'll be seeing some sculpturines from me XD so exited but ugh precalc homework is a priority DX
Duality by neon-skull
I hate selecting No when it asks if it contains mature content. Cuz it does, just not the kind you'd want to keep yourself from seeing-which ties into a censorship piece I'll be doing.The idea here is that I'll be taking universal ideas and concepts in this one, Death, and exploring how they are looked at and what emotions can be gathered from them. I don't know that I am making my concept clearly stated for you, I'm sorry. I'll try to break it down. My light aura consists of yellow green and purple. Awakened inspiration, and emerging clarity, growth of balance representing change and healing, and sexual red violet aura being futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical. I couldn't possibly infuse all of this in relation to my dual attunement to death, so I chose two states. The dominant and the recessed mind to portray my feelings toward the concept, as of course it is better to be alive than dead in my opinion, though I see death as a type of virgin transcendence of the Earthly bound. the skull earring is representative of all the ideas I am fed throughout my life as pertains to how I'm supposed to feel about death. Once you start to think and search for yourself, you discover answers that actually resonate with you.
Myths Revamped: Stygian Witches in the City by neon-skull
Myths Revamped: Stygian Witches in the City
Well here's the final product! A finished piece for once. This is a short description cuz I'm watching ink master

I got tagged by non-other then the great :iconmockingx:
This'll be interesting O-Q
Let's begin.


1.) You must post these rules
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal
4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED! 
5.) Not something stupid like 'you are tagged you read this.' 
6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7.) No tag-backs.
8.) Can't say, no tags.
9.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry.  

Questions I gotta answer.

1.) Say you where stuck in a room with your most hated enemy, and you HAD to be nice to them or else risk getting killed by people observing how you both behave. Would you snap or follow along?
I would gingerly walk into the observation booths, and maim/sedate the observers, and then go back to the room, and punch the bitch in the face once for calling my Hika-kouhai stupid, twice for making her feel unimportant, three times for running my closest friends out of the magnet program, four times for being a smug lil cuntface, five times for constantly talking about how she always loves everything irrelevant even though she hasn't the slightest clue what love is, and yeah I'd stop cuz my knuckles are starting to hurt. Then I'd open my jeans and squat oh her head and take a shit on her. Cause she is shit. t._.t(Hika, I think you might guess who I'm talking about.)
2.) If you mix any two animals in the world to make a hybrid, what would it be and of what animals?
Let's see...A human-probz male- and a....Tazmanian Tiger
because google images of a tazmanian tiger and try to tell me it's not badass, if highly inept at balancing itself
3.) one grand or a year of free stuff of anything?
Free stuff, cuz like if I want a sex toy or an awesome tat artist to ink me up-and use the sex toy on me- It would be free whereas if i had a grand I'd blow through it in a day and have a room full of manga ORZ. So free stuff, no quota or limit, even legally...aye!
4.) Whats the most sensitive spot on your body? >:3
oh gee IDK probably my balls cuz when someone else touches them I orgasm...
5.) Will Sempai ever notice you?
NO HE WILL FEKKING NOT. SEMPAI is not so smart, so he's clueless and won't fuck me...i mean...oh hell we all know that's what I mean
6.) Will you Marry me?
Is full civil rights to polygamy a thing yet... get the governments to work on that and get back to me.
7.) If you ruled the world, what would you do to it?
Oh I'd set priapus loose. And uh-well I'd stop him about halfway through cuz I don't want all the mens to be gay, but just the not so smart or not so nice ones, cause gay guys seem to have a better handle on rejecting douche bags, but idk maybe not- anyway then I would teach everyone how to garden and nurture shit so hunger goes away, and I'd make it easier to get quality education, switch to a barter system, so everyone uses their talent and such to contribute and prosper, but i'd have to keep a close eye on that. Thennn I would make all the people who have deeply wronged someone else apologize, or if they refuse, I'd subject them to the same treatment. Uh I'd be kinda malevolent cuz I think eye for an eye and all that so, crimes punished by reciprocating crime. That's effective, I'll show them it's wrong by doing it myself...okay next
8.) If you could have any person in your bed, dead or alive, who would it be?
Sebastian Suave =.= (melts)
9.) Can you name all 10 Espadas from Bleach? [No cheating!]
lol no srry
10.) Did you enjoy my stupid questions? XD
yes, much

My questions~

1)How would you describe yourself as an artist(hobbyist, self satisfied, professional, student,etc.) and do you want it to be/is it already your career?
2)2D or 3D?
3)The best medium(can be media if you must)
4)what do you think of the DA community?
5) Why did you initially join DA?
6)How much time does doing art consume on a daily in your life?
7)Boxers/Briefs/Panties/Thong/Banana Hammock/Jockstrap/Taint Strap/Commando?
(Dirty minds would like to know your pref)
8) Do you like my vernacular?
9)What is the sexiest accent?
10) Do you have time fo dis XD?


:iconazzai: :iconrobbuz: :icondoubleleaf: :iconsimonebianchi: :iconhumon:

 :iconnebezial: :icontakuto-kun: :iconvashperado: :iconmoosefroos:

Lol. Sorry guys. OTL
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  • Reading: your mind O-0
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  • Playing: with my jock
  • Eating: but I won't admit it
  • Drinking: the closest beverage


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Matty Spykes
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi. so um...umm I don't know what to say but well i guess i tell you about myself here...ok well
im aboy...i think...
yeah Im a boy. I like food, and my friends, and reading/drawing manga. I am a lot better at traditional media art than digital. i like yaoi... alot...and um im in the process of writing one so... yeah

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Wow thanks for all the Faves! Your work has the potential to be really good. all the elements are there. just nothings complete!

I would suggest coming out with a concept make a rough sketch then on some nice paper fully draw them image, with a character and background. your work has the potential to be amazing. 

canwebebestfriendsforever xx
neon-skull Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
ehh all my good work has to be submitted to portfolio for school. Trust me I have complete concepts XD I just never have time to document more than doodles lol. but thankyou for the compliments
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